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Much more than phonics

It's about more that learning English

Hello, I'm Yo-Yo the Snail!
Come with me
and follow the stars...
Play with English,
Laugh and sing in English,
Experience the taste of English,
Feel English on your skin,
Move through English.

Do it with Yo-yo Phonics!

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Learning in spiral

Building on the identification of the principal sounds in English,
we learn how to form and read words.

Each sound is presented with an action and a jingle,
which help to recall the sound and letter (or letters) that represent it.

Little by little, Yo-yo Phonics helps children understand words and play with them.

How the letters and sounds

are organised

Learning the 44 principal sounds in English is the key
to understanding words in oral and written form.

yo yo phonics

Yo-yo Phonics STARS is composed of 7 Storybooks.

Storybook Starter: Essential preparation for younger learners. This Storybook builds children’s phonic awareness and vocabulary by exposing them to environmental sounds and words.

Storybooks 1 to 6 constantly expose students to the 44 sounds in English. They present letters in the following order:

Storybook 1 presents |s| |a| |t| |i| |p| |n| |c|

Storybook 2 presents |e| |h| |r| |m| |d| |g| |o|

Storybook 3 presents |u| |l| |f| |b| |j| |y| |ai|

Storybook 4 presents |w| |oa| |ie| |ee| |or| |z| |ng| |v|

Storybook 5 presents |oo| |oo| |ch| |sh| |th| |th| |x| |qu| |ou| |oi|

Storybook 6 presents the final simple code spellings |ue| |er| |ar| |air| |eer| and introduces the all-important alternative spellings which unlock the door to true literacy.



Easy-to-use Stickers
and Pop-outs.

yo yo phonics, easy to use

A durable Sound Fan specially
designed for children’s hands.

For spelling out words,
providing learners with their
first opportunity to write.

yo yo phonics, easy to use

Readers with all Storybooks.

See how learners grow and
advance! As the complete
each Storybook they will be
able to read and understand
more Readers.

yo yo phonics, easy to use

Each Storybook includes:

The Storybook Starter
and Storybooks 1 to 6
explore the world
of sounds and vocabulary.

Yo Yo Phonics Storybooks



Extensive and attractive
Teacher’s Book with:

  • Flexible timetable options and planning tools.
  • Triple focus on phonics, topics and routines.
  • Extended phonics and language support.
  • Educational innovation: key competences
    and multiple intelligences.
  • Teaching programmes designed for Infants
    and Primary.
yo yo phonics, easy to use

And… Yo-yo the
Snail as a

yo yo the puppet

A comprehensive range
of printed
Class Cards.

yo yo phonics, easy to use

Audio CDs including extended and
remastered stories, songs and jingles.

yo yo phonics, audio cds

The teacher material include:




A valuable reference document
providing instruction in all the
technical aspects of teaching
Synthetic Phonics.

Video tutorials

The most essential
aspects of Synthetic
Phonics recorded.

Family Corner

Offers key information to help involve
families in their children’s learning.
These include a basic theoretical
explanation of the method. Teachers
also have the option to print out
progress letters and reports.


Essential audio from
the method available
for download.

Curricular documentation

Programaciones de aula and a
Proyecto curricular appropriate
for both Infants and Primary.
In editable format.

Additional resources

For planning and evaluation.
Available for download and

Digital and Web resources:

yo yo phonics, digital

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Much more than phonics